Friday, December 17, 2010

You know the deal, nobody holds a candle to me in my red high heels.

So today I went Christmas shopping! I won't say who for, or what I bought because of surpriseness. Yes, it's a word. Not really... My friend K.Ray is carving an apple and tilting a jug. As I was telling her which jug to grab, our conversation went as follows.

K~I need a backdrop!
S~Use the jug *points*
K~*walks in a direction not even remotely close and points* Jug?
S~*still pointing* Jug.
K~*points at a different jug* Jug?
S~ *still pointing* Jug.
K~ Oh! *points at correct jug* Jug!
S~ *nods* Jug.

We're the weirdos who carve apples and say jug alot. Yeahhhhhhhh. Anybody remember Jughead from the Archie comics? The one who ate all the time and wore that freaky crown hat? Yeah, him and Betty were always my favorite characters. Because, you know, Jughead is freaking awesome. And so is Betty. So yes, today I have regalled you with tales of our jug-ventures. Always remember, never forget FA-WOOSH.

Red High Heels- Kellie Pickler

K. Ray -

Quote from K.Ray ~ "What time is it?!?! JUG-VENTURE TIME!!!!!"

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