Saturday, December 18, 2010

Figures dancing gracefully across my memory.

I wasn't even going to post today but I've been thinking. Don't you just love how Prince Charming always shows up AFTER YOU NEED HIM. Take Snow White for example. No, Prince Charming couldn't have shown up to fight off the witch and save Snow White beforehand. He had to wait to show up until after she was almost dead, laying in a casket. And oh, his kiss made it all better. I know they do that to create a story arc but honestly? Or Ariel. He couldn't have noticed her hanging on the side of his boat. You know, BEFORE she gave away her voice? Noooooo. These are just tricks by Disney to make us think that Prince Charming will only show up when nothing can get any worse. Well I've got a little newsflash for ya, darling. Prince Charming isn't out there. At least not how he's portrayed. You see, Prince Charming is shown as this handsome guy who is perfect in every way. I'm here to say, P'SHAW. Just like every rose has it''s thorn, every night has it's morn, every guy has his... uh... faults. No one out there is perfect. Not even the guy that you and your friends idolize because he's so hot. Have you ever talked to him? Have you noticed that he's dumber than a stick of wood? Even the guy who is perfect, meant for you. He has faults too. A lot of times, I find girls don't even consider the... not so handsome guys. They idolize the pretty guys because they are nice to look at. Ever thought that the guy in your History class with a bad haircut could have a lot in common with you? You have the same sense of humor, you both love Drama, you have all the same classes, you have the same taste in music. So what if every time he runs his hand through his hair it looks like he stuck his finger in an electrical outlet? You'll definitely have more to talk about than the guy with soft fluffy hair who only wants to talk about, you guessed it, his soft fluffy hair. So grab a geek and get talking. You never know, he could be your Prince Charming.

Once Upon a December from the movie Anastasia.

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