Monday, August 13, 2012

In the meantime...

Until I can get my act together and put up some freaking pictures, I have a little something something for you to look at until you finally decide to read it.

Things You Might Read on a Fashion Blog
-Kara Vanderbijl

 - omg new favorite jeans

- This is what the inside of my closet looks like

- I want to change the title of this blog, here are the options: "Anthropologie on Adderall", "Frosting & Flared Jeans", "Scarf Tales". Vote in the comments section! A random winner will be chosen on Friday! You’ll receive a bracelet woven from prairie grass and the hair of an organic farmer’s daughter, omg so boho

- Congratulations to missy52343290342 and omgsopreppy43829043892, who won the bracelets! Be sure to email me with your contact information! Stay stylish!

- What I wore for brunch on Saturday! This lovely blouse was sent to me by fellow fashion blogger, Stephanie, of "Peplums & Pregnant Pictures That Were Probably Faked Because Nobody Looks That Good When They're [Pregnant]", I'm going to say I think she wore it better even if I don't lol

- I live in stripes, here is a picture of all the striped shirts I own! I’m considered sending some of them to underprivileged children, but I just don’t know which ones to part with I love them all so much omg

- Here I am sitting at this Starbucks with an iced coffee the size of my head, my neighborhood Starbucks doesn’t look like a Starbucks outside this is why I come here for my photos, wrought iron outdoor furniture ftw omg so Parisian. I’m wearing a beret in honor of the occasion and also because it’s like 105 degrees and I want to be edgy

- My significant other took this photo, look how cute he is, I won’t tell you that I set his old wardrobe on fire and picked out a whole new one because if I do then you’ll know we beautiful and well-dressed people don’t naturally attract one another and also that I'm crazy

- Haha I’m texting on my iPhone in all of these photos, such a dork

- I wore this to brunch on Saturday morning, we ate pancakes, I never want to eat anything else omg

- omg new favorite jeans they retail for $3289048329

- “I” “really” “love” “the” “vintage” “silhouette” “of” “this” “skirt”

- Omg thank you to the 15,343 people who reblogged my previous post (the photo of me in a the polka-dot dress, which I said was my grandmother’s but looks suspiciously like one they carry at J. Crew) with the word “This.” written underneath it, I feel so special you guys

- My fashion policy is that you can never have too many boyfriend sweaters, I have one in every color of the rainbow and some that are so far off the color spectrum they are invisible to the naked eye

- So I cut my hair short, I’ve always been so adventurous with my hair, I’ve had straight-cut bangs, straight hair, curly hair, pixie cuts, hippie hair lol it also helps that so many of you also have this exact same haircut I could pretty much guess that it would look good on me or at least know that people would like it lol jk

- I’m in New York for Fashion Week

- A lot of you have been asking about my beauty routine well here it is when I wake up in the morning I bathe my face in milk and then bacon fat to keep it well hydrated haha and then before I go to bed I meditate at dusk by the light of the moon and then bathe my face in a solution of my own tears and ammonia that I have kept in this vintage crystal bottle I found on Etsy omg

- I live in Los Angeles with a rooftop terrace that I have decorated with very expensive things that I bought during my numerous vacations to Hawaii and Europe, I documented them here and here, omg still love that bathing suit so much, omg running late for my part-time gig at this local designer I work for (Urban Outfitters)

- omg new favorite jeans

- gratuitous picture of my brunch haha, yep still on a pancakes kick

- When I was in New York for Fashion Week...

- Ok guys I've been feeling so melancholy for the past few days, I couldn't shake it, I just felt so deeply about you all and the response to this blog, it's been overwhelming, I even cried a little bit, omg I just can't get over the fact that two years ago there was nothing, and now there's this and I just feel like I'm heading in the right direction with my life, you know? Like this all matters? I don't know if that makes sense lol, anyways here's the new purse my boyf bought for me, haha some girls just get ice cream but I get retail lovin' from my man

- I absolutely love this neon trend because I’ve always loved neon duh

- I’ve been saving this dress for the perfect occasion, it arrived in the mail a few days ago and i haven’t been able to stop touching it, it’s sort of like a security blanket I even sleep with it

- This is my ultra-cute miniature version of a dog

- I think I’ve worn this skirt like four times, it’s the most I’ve ever worn something before omg I must be tired, maybe I need a break you guys

- Look so out of it in these photos, we had a really crazy weekend at our lake house picnicking and taking the boat out and seeing all our friends and drinking a lot of very aesthetic cocktails and it’s been nice to just lie in bed all day and not have a job, I don’t think I’ve ever included a picture of my jammies before today

- Support your local designers!!!! Today I’m wearing a dress from H&M

- Cupcakes

- Just going casual in jeans and a t-shirt today, guess I'm a normal person too, oh wait look at these Gucci shoes

- My favorite neighborhood thrift store (omg visit if you come to LA) is so amazing, they always set aside things they know I'd like and occasionally sacrifice small animals in my honor

- Sold out online sniff sniff

- Ugh I've had this bag forever, like since last Saturday, it's already been with me through thick and thin like when I spilled my iced coffee inside, oh boy I had to spend some time at the Genius Bar that day, here's me and Blake the guy who fixed my iPhone, he's got awesome nerd style

- Here is a picture of five-year-old me wearing mom's heels proving I was already so into fashion

- I always say just wear what makes you feel beautiful who cares about the trends OMG POLKA DOTS

- Important! meetings! in New York necessitating large iced coffees

- We found this shabby chic couch on the side of the 405, omg I just had to have my daily outfit pic with it so I made my bf wait for a break in traffic and then run out and balance on the median to get the perfect shot, I think it turned out well don't you lol

- My boyfriend gave me his giant gold watch!!!!! He didn't even know it was so trendy right now, omg love you baby

- Hey look at these vintage pics of my grandparents, obviously style runs in my family

- Here's another picture of my face lol

- I'm so sorry I haven't updated lately, I've been busy running errands, brunching, spending quality time with my close-knit friends and family with whom I never argue but who don't merit a place on this blog because duh they're not pretty enough, racking up credit card debt

- Book deal! omg guys, it's full of beauty tips, outfit suggestions, interior decorating tips, you can pre-order it here, I did it without you but I'm going to pretend I couldn't

If you ever read any of this here, I give you permission to beat me up.

Seriously. Just put me out of my misery.

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