Sunday, February 19, 2012


Obviously I went antiquing this weekend. By the way, when did antiquing become a verb? Oh hey, Google is a verb too now. Anyways, most of this is just some relatively cool crap I came across. The last three pictures, though, are of the stuff I picked up between the two stores I went to. A shirt with lace insets, huge by the way, A belt ring, a silver cuff, some prisms for a windchime I'm gonna make, and an Elvis lunchbox for my grandmother. But other than those antique shops, I got three shirts at Goodwill, one has Mr Bill on it. If you don't know who Mr. Bill is, I don't like you anymore. Murr. I ALSO GOT THE LEGEND OF ZELDA TWILIGHT PRINCESS! But, it turns out it didn't save from when I played it on my uncle's system, so I don't have my data on mine. So angry-making. Murr. I also got a few gamecube games, so we'll see how this goes.

In other news, My hair is partially blue now.
See that stuff? That stuff is attached to my head.
Bye now.

"It's a marvelous night for a moondance."
Moondance by Van Morrison

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