Saturday, February 11, 2012

Argh. Busy busy busy.

I know, I know. 15 whole days since you've seen me. I've been busy! First, I just wasn't really wearing anything interesting because it was cold and I'm lazy. I also had driver's ed blahhhhhh. Then, it was spirit week which was all wacky and stuff. AND THEN it was homecoming last night, which was unbelievably fun. My friends and I danced for three hours straight. So tired. I have also obtained many injuries. So like, ow and all. But I know what you're probably thinking, EXCUSES! INAPTITUDE TO POST WHEN YOU SAY YOU WILL! ASDFNWRNIWUREGKBKJNFGKHDKUGHBDKJNFJNDSKLLSFNLKJSDNF!!!!!! BUT to make it up to you, here are a few of my favorite pictures for you that I've found around the interwebz. Hurr hurr interwebz.

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