Thursday, December 29, 2011


 Camera from my dad. Nikon D3000. This is what I'll be using from now on to shoot, with an 18-55 mm lense and my tripod.
 Two mix CD's from my buddy Amber! She made me some origami also, a hat, a Christmas tree, and a kitty, but I left them at my dad's. So no pictures, sorry.
 Almonds from my grandma. She buys my mom and I these every holiday. Along with buying me a jar of pickles. Hahaha.
 Grandma also bought me a monkey with a blanket. A very soft blanket.
 This is also from my dad, a coffee table book of graffiti that I've been wanting for a while.
This is from my dad too! My old laptop was crappy and it died. As in, it won't work without alot of work. But anyways, I love this. It now has a butterfly sticker on it though. 
 This is from my grandma too. She asked if me or my mom wanted this, and I've been wanting a plant that I may be able to keep alive. Because all plants I've had in the past have died pathetically.
 That's my old laptop in the background. Anyways, Mama got me this awesome hourglass with purple sand in it. Isn't it cool? Be jealous.
 She also got me this yummy smelling candle and the jar/holder/thing. It's so pretty.
This was my big present from my mom. A DRESS FORM. How cool?!

I also got a notbook fdrom my dad, a video game and controller from my mom, and some money from other relatives. My friend K. Ray, from Life Through Music, got me a poster from Les Miserables. So exciting. What'd you guys get? How was your Christmas? I wanna know! Leave me a comment or shoot me an email. We'll chat.

"99.9 Fahrenheit degrees, stable now, with rising possibilities. It could be normal but it isn't quite. Could make you want to stay awake at night."
99.9 F by Suzanne Vega

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