Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sepia dreams and woods and things

Dress: Vintage Shoes: Xhilaration

You know what's fun? Walking on uneven ground in heels. Yeah ouch. So I spent all day at the garage with my dad. His cars are freaking out. I also bought a new manga!!!!!!! And a sweater! The manga is Me & My Brothers and the sweater is from Rue 21. Fun right? Yeah. Anyways... I have news!!!!!!! On Wednesday I won't be doing an outfit post of me. My friend K. Ray ( and I hung out yesterday and came up with the idea to do a guest blog post. We took pictures of a bunch of random outfits yesterday and we'll post those and let her have the spotlight. So expect that. Because it's what's happening. Yeah.

The world is going up in flames and nobody wants to take the blame.
The World (Is Going Up in Flames) by Charles Bradley

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