Thursday, February 10, 2011

Action-Packed Post!!

I apologize ahead of time for my awkward posing skills. It's early, I'm tired. Capiche? Awesome.

Shirt: New York & Company Skirt: Gap Shoes: City Streets by JCPenny Scarf: Unknown

So today is a big day! I had a few idead for some upcoming stuff. Like a guest DIY, a number of funky wierd things in my room, and what my day consists of. Yeah, I know I'm awesome. Ok, regarding the second thing? I'm gonna need ya'll to pick a number between 1 and 10 and on Monday I'll average them all together and that's how many things ya'll will get to see. (I already have a list.) So anyways, this morning I was wondering how many pairs of heels I actually have. So I lined them all up today and it comes up to a whopping 9 pairs! Plus two pairs at my dad's. The remains of my shoe collection consist of boots, Converses, and flip-flops. Amazing huh?

From left to right: City Streets for JCPenny, Ellie, Rue21, Miss Me, Reaction by Kenneth Cole, Nine West, Attention for Kmart, Rampage, and Xhilaration. The ones at my dad's are White House Black Market and Rampage. Awesome


Vultures circle in. They'll take all they can get until you're dirt and bones.

Vultures by Nicole Atkins

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