Saturday, January 8, 2011

Go grease lightning, your'e burning up the quarter mile.

Day 5, last day of Grease week. I'm doing something a bit different today. "What's in my Bag?" The items in someone's purse says alot about them so here we go.

1. My peace wallet- in which I carry you know, money and stuff and a ring of paint chips. Don't even ask.
2. Small stuffed penguin from Mcdonalds HappyMeal. Muahahaha.
3. Miniature yellow highlighter.
4. Chapstick.
5. Cellular phone
6. Mintiature director's clapboard
7. Tiny rubber pig I got in the mall.
8. Compact mirror
9. Loose quarter
10. Black ink pen
11. Mechanical pencil
13. Seam-ripper
14. Jingle bell
15. List of drama school classes- Drama, Music, Improv, and History
16. Red and white polka dotted Prada knock-off sunglasses
17. Vintage crocheted gloves
18. Notebook with nametag on the front
19. Boook- No Fear Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet (Original on one page and readable version on other)
20. House key

Dang, I've got alot more junk in my purse than I thought. Interesting huh?

Grease Lightning for Grease sung by the guys

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