Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Beauty school drop-out, hangin' around the corner store. Beauty school drop-out, it's about time you knew the score.

Hi! Here's a picture of my dog with boots.
So it's day 2 of Grease song week. Beauty School Drop-Out. I got a bunch of books at the library today and I'm a bit excited. I'm such a dork! Anyways, I finally got around to loading the software for my camera onto my mama's computer! So you're finally going to start seeing some good pictures. AND some outfit photos! Isn't this exciting? Very much so. See? This is my closet, partially.

Anyways, I'll probably start outfit posts on Sunday, after Grease week. Kind of exciting, eh? Eh? EH? Totally.

Beauty School Drop-Out for Grease sung by Frankie Avalon

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