Friday, August 9, 2013

The Grand Reveal

 Hello internet!
 Oh look, my hair is up with a chip clip.
 See, there it is.
 The beast demands freedom! (The hair I mean)
 Ha, I'm hilarious.
 No, seriously. I'm really funny.
 I can also look quite sophistimaicated.
 Proud of my sophistication.
 Oh, camera, I didn't see you there.
Now we're just being silly. (Pay no attention to the PJ pants.)

So here we see a fascinating creature, the wild fashion blogger, trying to get a good photograph. Trying her hardest to take a non-goofy looking headshot for a thing. So I got a few right? You bet I did, I'm adorable. But I got a little too much sun today and when I print them, I look like a stop sign. Not a good look. Augh. So I'm going to keep trying. Bah humbug.

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