Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I really need better motivation.

Tank top: Talbots Skirt: Handmade via Goodwill Shoes: Rugged Warehouse

You may be angry at me. You may be howling in anger. You may be ready to throw your computer at the wall. You may want to kick me in the shins. Okay, please don't kick me in the shins. I'm sorry. I'm a terrible person. I have actually had these pictures on my SD card since the last week of May. Whoops.

I have no motivation. I was going to put up pictures of my last beach trip and my prom dress before these, but I like these better. Do you want to see them? Do you even care? Doubtful. In anycase, I'm going to the beach again soon, for my birthday, and I'll take pictures then. Promise. Maybe.

"Get out of your head, get out of your skull. If you ain't gettin' cray then you ain't got a pulse."
Cray Button by Family Force 5

P.S.- Thanks to Alexa for making me feel guilty for not posting every time I saw her. She didn't do it on purpose, but it worked, yes?

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