Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Disapearing Acts

Shirt: AKNY Jeans Pants: No tags Shoes: Rainbows

I've finally crawled back to the face of the earth. Sorry. It was just so hot, I didn't feel like doing anything. Nothing at all involving moving from the couch. I know, "If it's so hot, then why are you wearing long pants?" Because I want to. And these are really comfy. Reeeeaaalllllyyy comfy. On a different note, I found some Doc Martens on eBay and I'm going to try and buy them this weekend. Those and a gorgeous ring. I've been surfing eBay... alot.

Because I could do that from the couch.

I see the weekend right in front of me. I wish every night was Saturday night, I wish every night was Saturday night. Here's to hoping Monday never comes. S-s-s-Saturday night.
S-s-s-Saturday by Bowling for Soup

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