Monday, March 14, 2011

Decisions, decisions... ugh.

VSANDVSShoes: Both by Miss Me *T-shirt: City Streets by JCPenny *Cardi: Forever 21 *Shorts: Old Navy
So I'm having troubles deciding what exactly to wear tonight. Scratch that, how to wear it. So I want you, the readers, to help me decide. Teal heels or black heels? Shirt tied or untied? Full monochrome or a splash or color? It's up to you now...
PS: You know how I always post a line from a song at the bottom? That is the song that is stuck in my head for that day. Today it's a little something different.
John Jacob Jingleheimer Shmidt. His name is my name too. And whenever we go out, the people always shout, "There goes John Jacob Jingleheimer Shmidt!" Nanananananana.
John Jacob Jingleheimer Shmidt by (Who knows?)


  1. your blog is so cute!
    I´m not sure which pair you should take :P
    I´m not really good in making decisions :P

  2. both shoes are cute, but i like the first ones more!


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