Monday, January 3, 2011

She ran up to her room screaming down those stairs, "You can say what you want to say, lock me up throw the key away."

And the award for most fabulous, sweet person I've never met goes to... *opens gold envelope and acts surprised* CAMILLA A.!!!! I am aware I keep going on about this, but someone nice as to do something for someone a million miles away is awesome in my book. So as you can see, you made this beautiful header for me. Since ya'll decided to not help me out, I chose the elephants on my own. I think it was a good choice. What do ya'll think? Anyways, I'm sure I've mentioned her blog name before so I won't bug you by saying it again. But I will tell you to go visit her. Go now. I COMMAND IT!!!

Love Will Wait by Carmen Rasmusen

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  1. Thank you :))
    I love winning awards, especially ones with golden envelopes involved.




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