Tuesday, December 14, 2010

This house is burning down, these walls we've built are caving in.

So I cleaned my room and made cookies today. I also went to dance but that is something I'd like to strike from the list. Gr. So I went to the Dollar Tree today and bought my mama's stocking stuffers and one of her gifts. I also bought some fake eyelashes to mess with for costumes. So I tried them a minute ago, just to get the hang of them and stuck one to my eyebrow. Stupid blind dog ran into my legs. So anyways, I messed with them a while and concluded that they are for people without any eyelashes at all, much less long ones like mine. So anyways, argh. Christmas stuff has started now. On Thursday I'm going to this place that sets up all these cool lights and Friday I'm going to volunteer at a place I usually do and buy some presents for my parents. Weekend at my dad's and we're going to my grandparent's house. Uh... moving on. So on Monday, we're going to a ministry house me and mama volunteer for and taking my scratch made cookies. I haven't planned anything after that though. I'm spending the day of Christmas Eve with my daddy and Christmas Day with my mama. AND I ONLY HAVE THREE DAYS OF SCHOOL NEXT WEEK!!! That's extremely exciting. So yes. I will leave you with this.

It isn't my tree but see how it's kinda leaning to the right? That looks like mine.

Song of the Day: New Perspective by Fireflight

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