Tuesday, December 28, 2010

He looks like a cool drink of water but he's candy coated misery. A devil in disguise, a snake with blue eyes.

So I actually ended up going shopping today instead of yesterday. Well I decided to show ya'll what I bought and what I got for Christmas. Here goes.
For Christmas...

And from the shopping...

Argh, fuzzy picture. The sweater is actually purple. It has a lace back and velvet trim. From Charlotte Russe.Pink Sweatshirty thing from Marshall's.Black patent leather bag by Mulberry for Target. From Target.Grey sweater with navy blue bows from Forever 21. Very, very soft.Glasses necklace with little rhinestones on it from Claires.Plain white t-shirt from JCPenney.

Bow ring- Charlotte Russe Spinner ring- Claires

Mask ring from a store called Princess.

So that's how it rolls.

Cowboy Casanova by Carrie Underwood

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  1. Cool stuff. I like the keychain and the black hacket and the mask.


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